Jane Seymour’s age (62 years old) contradicts to the celeb’s pictures. What is the secret of her ageless beauty? Not many celebs can impress the public with such pictures. But she could!

Jane Seymour is one of Bond girls and over the years she still impresses and deserves high praise. Let’s remember her impressive pictures then and compare with today’s ones. According to her words, last time she wore bikini was 40 years ago.

Jane Seymour bikini shootjane_seymour_bikini-pictures

Today she boasts her ageless beauty! Looking at her bikini shoot it seems she has discovered the secret to holding back the years. I guess, only one woman at her 62 can wear such a figure-flattering dress. These pictures were taken a year ago – Jane Seymour in a Hervé Léger mini-gown next to her daughter and son. Moreover, a woman with such a body at her 62 is a mom of four children!!! Who else could have boast of such a body?

Jane Seymour (61) with her daughter and sonJane_Seymour-61

The secret of your ageless beauty is simple enough: “I’m not crazy about (working out). I do eat, drink and be merry. But I pay some attention to my health too.” Maybe nature was favorably disposed to Jane…

Jane in ‘Live and Let Die’Live-and-Let-Die-Jane-Seymour

What is your secret of beauty?

Author: Violet